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Today I wanted to share a little project we did to organize our home! It's a chalkboard wall by the kitchen so we can easily jot little notes and plan meals for the week. I spray painted some empty frames white so we could separate some lists and I bought the cutest wire baskets at Target to wrangle the mail and a few other items we need regularly. Here's a peek at how it turned out. We've been using it all the time!


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Henry Four Months

I think that 4 months is one of my favorite baby milestones. Well...I think I love almost all of them so far, but four months is when I feel like both my little guys became big boy babies. Henry, you smile all.the.time. Like almost every minute you are awake. You are so peaceful and happy! You also certainly know your mama and you smile extra big for me which melts my heart. You've rolled over from your back to your tummy at least twice now and I missed both. Both times I left you on your back somewhere and came back and you were squirming on your belly. You do the sweetest half giggle when I tickle you and it makes me laugh right back at you. You also LOVE being a part of the action and just about the only time you whine or cry is when you know you are missing out on something. All I need to do is pick you up and you are thrilled to just see what is going on. Even as I type this you are sitting patiently on my lap and grabbing at your toes.

Your big brother adores you and loves to rock you in your car seat if you get fussy waiting to get out the door, or hold your hand. He doesn't really like when anyone else does it because he loves being the one to make you smile. He can often be heard saying, "Henry's smiling out me mommy!" You love hanging out with your big brother too and it melts my heart. You also love hanging out with daddy and when he lifts you over his head. You even sit on his shoulders and grab at his hair. Speaking of hair, yours is ridiculous! Always sticking up in every direction and right now I love it even if you won't always.

Being your mommy is a complete and utter joy and I'm loving soaking it all in! I'm so excited to see the little man you will become but I'm enjoying all the steps in between.

And of course some outtakes. LOVE these ones!

(And just because I know some of you do it is a quick comparison with his big bro!)


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Henry Three Months

My little guy is three months old! He has changed so much in the last month. So many big smiles and the sweetest coos where he puckers his lips and calls out. He has been sleeping through the night almost since he was two months old. I am so grateful for full nights of sleep. Henry also demands attention, which I love. If i put him down to do something he calls out until I come back and rewards me with the biggest smiles. He really doesn't like being laid or leaned on his back and will struggle to sit himself up. He is super strong and great at weaseling his hand into his mouth and loves sucking his thumb. It's so funny to watch him while sucking his thumb because when he does he will grab a fist full of his hair at the same time and rub the back of his head. I love watching Henry and Elias interact. Henry puts up with lots of pokes and prods and hugs and kisses and I know he will adore his big brother.


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Henry Two Months

Mr. Henry Oscar it is so fun to watch you grow! You are smiling and chatting all the time and the other day I could have sworn you said "Hi!" (By accident of course but it sounded cool)
You are a hungry boy and don't seem to be close to sleeping through the night but I'm still hoping that each night I will be able to get more and more sleep. You are definitely a cuddler and adore being held. Your big brother just loves you to pieces and wants to hug, kiss and hold you all the time.
I know comparing siblings is something kids don't often like but I just love seeing all the ways you are different from your brother. You are a thumb sucker so far but Elias always pulls your hand out of your mouth (he never put anything in his mouth but food). You seem to take life a bit more seriously than your brother but you still bring so much joy with each smile. You were 13lbs 6 oz at your two month appointment which was only 6oz more than Elias was at your age. (He was also 6 oz less at birth so you had gained the same amount of weight!) 

Your Aunt Erica got married this past month and you looked so cute in your outfit and were just perfect for the day even though everything was very hectic! I just love all the moments we get to spend together and the quiet moments where I get to just take in all your little sweetness.

I am looking forward to continuing to watch you grow and I love you so much!

You are changing so much!

And some outtakes:


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Henry One Month

My second little boy is a month old! I can't believe it! This first month has been filled with adjusting to life as a family of four and, Henry, you just fit in so beautifully!

Your big brother adores you and kisses and hugs you every chance he can. When you cry he says "It's ok Henry, I'm here!" 

You love to be cuddled and held and I just love my snuggles with you. You are growing so fast and I can tell you will be a big boy! You have already grown out of many of your 3 month sized clothes! We have seen a few gas smiles and you have the sweetest smile! 

Even though you aren't quite sleeping well very consistently I find I'm soaking in these newborn moments. They really did go by so fast with Elias and we were back to sleeping normal nights again.

Getting to know you has been a great blessing so far and I'm looking forward to all month number two has in store!

I'm trying something different for Henry's monthly photos- we will see how they all turn out together! 

I'm hoping to share his birth story and an Elias video later this week! 

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