Henry Ten Months

It's amazing the ways your grow each month Henry. You crawl around so speedily I can barely keep up. You LOVE to say "no" and it's probable one of the cutest things I've ever seen. You still barely need any sleep at all to function so joyfully. I can't even believe it. You sleep less than Elias on most days and you are always happy. Well, almost always happy, you are most unhappy at bed time. I honestly think that it's because you know you are missing out on some sort of fun. You are such a chatterbox. You babble on and on and I'm certain you think we can understand you. I think you will be talking early like your brother. I can't help but laugh every time you flee as fast as possible when I come after you for trying to put something in your mouth or touching something you know you shouldn't. When you do that you laugh SO hard I can't help but laugh along. I just couldn't enjoy time with you more if I tried. You are so fun to be around. I love watching you grow and am so blessed to be your mommy. 

This picture reminds me so much of my little sister Erica's baby pictures which makes me think he must look more like our side of the family than I think. He is also feeling much better than in last month's picture!

And the lovely outtakes!


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Elias' Play Kitchen

As some of you may know, this Christmas, we decided to make a play kitchen for Elias because he really enjoys pretend cooking and washing dishes. We found an old entertainment unit during large garbage pick-up on the side of the road for free. After getting it home and putting some plans together we made an adorable little kitchen for Elias to play with. 



A little paint makes a huge difference! We got paint from Front Porch Mercantile (except chalkboard paint I already had) and I love it! Such a sweet store too!

We made a chalkboard wall on the side and the front of the oven. Elias added some pretty chalk lines to it right away!

The sink is a stainless steel bowl and the tap is our old sprayer. The window above the sink has a picture that my mom took in it. I love the pretty view. 

My favourite part is the pots and pans hanging above the stove. It makes me think of a fancy kitchen!

We even installed a little touch light in the stove. 

 It's so fun to see the finished product! Hopefully he will enjoy it for a long while!

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Henry Nine Months

Henry, you are growing into such a little boy! You have started to crawl normally but will still often revert to the army crawl. You pull yourself upright on your knees to reach for things all the time. It is so fun to watch you motor around and play. Usually you like to stay close to mommy though and I can't say that I mind one bit. I love our snuggles and making you giggle. You put up with a lot from your brother and rarely complain when he is pushing you around or giving you big squeeze hugs. We are pretty sure we have heard you saying a few words like "mama, dada, up and done" but it's hard to be sure whether or not it was a coincidence and you definitely don't do it every time. You also have two teeth and are seriously working on some others. Watching you grow is so incredibly fun and every month it feels like we get to know you so much better. I just love you so much and treasure our time together....even some sleepless nights.

Finally some outtakes again... it was a rough shoot!


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Henry Eight Months

Well, Henry is almost 9 months old and I'm finally posting his 8 month picture and update. Blogging just hasn't been on my radar that much lately but I do want to get back to it more regularly in the new year. Back to Henry for now though.

Henry you are changing so quickly. You have an adorable personality that I just love. You put EVERYTHING in your mouth and I'm almost constantly fishing things out of there for you. It's definitely helping me to keep cleaner floors though. You do the sweetest army crawl everywhere and I don't think you like normal crawling at all. You are FAST though. So fast. You are also sneaky already. As soon as you are determined to get something in your mouth even if I call your name you won't turn because you know I will take it from you. When I walk over to get something out of your hand you start crawling away as fast as you can. You have the sweetest laugh and Elias can really make you laugh hard. You also love pulling my hair (to try to get it in your mouth). You need so little sleep to function and will often skip your morning nap and then have a shorter afternoon nap than your brother. It blows my mind but I think will serve you well. You almost never get cranky so I think you really do just need less sleep. You are also sleeping so well at night now which I am enjoying. We are all enjoying every moment of watching you grow and you are such a beautiful blessing to our family.


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Henry Seven Months

My sweet little Henry. You are over a half a year old and it feels so fast! You are enjoying so many new things this month! You are enjoying some of your solid foods, but really prefer milk. You still love sucking your thumb but almost always only when you are tired. You have so much fun playing with your big brother, especially now that you can get at his toys. You love watching him acting silly and even though he knocks you over like ALL the time. You still smile super big when he comes in the room. You have such a fun personality and make me laugh all the time. You are a chatterbox and I think you really can't wait to tell us stories. You want to get your hands on everything and you are SO quick that you are often knocking things over. You definitely love your mama but enjoying playing with the rest of the family as long as you are fed and well rested. I think you started doing some more serious teething this month but you still sleep pretty well. You are a wonderful, joyful addition to our family and we love you to pieces! 

Instead of outtakes this month, here's a look at Elias' progress at 7 months too! He had definitely started to chub up at this point!


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