Henry One Month

My second little boy is a month old! I can't believe it! This first month has been filled with adjusting to life as a family of four and, Henry, you just fit in so beautifully!

Your big brother adores you and kisses and hugs you every chance he can. When you cry he says "It's ok Henry, I'm here!" 

You love to be cuddled and held and I just love my snuggles with you. You are growing so fast and I can tell you will be a big boy! You have already grown out of many of your 3 month sized clothes! We have seen a few gas smiles and you have the sweetest smile! 

Even though you aren't quite sleeping well very consistently I find I'm soaking in these newborn moments. They really did go by so fast with Elias and we were back to sleeping normal nights again.

Getting to know you has been a great blessing so far and I'm looking forward to all month number two has in store!

I'm trying something different for Henry's monthly photos- we will see how they all turn out together! 

I'm hoping to share his birth story and an Elias video later this week! 

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Henry Oscar's Birth Story

I was sure that I would go early this time around. Elias was born on his due date but I felt like this time I would be a week or so early. I especially thought so because I was getting strong Braxton Hicks contractions for a few weeks leading up to his due date. 

The day before his due date rolled around I realized he wouldn't be early so I decided to go power walk in the mall with mom and Elias. I really didn't want to go too long past my due date because I was seriously uncomfortable and tired!

After the energetic mall walk I went back to my parent's place so Elias could nap and I could rest. I started getting some mild contractions in the early afternoon which I was "sure" were just false labour again. Just before we had dinner they started getting much stronger.

I ate dinner while breathing through some strong contractions. I decided to give Jetty a heads up that we would probably be meeting our baby soon. He works late Thursdays so I asked him to head right home after work to grab a bag for Elias so he could stay at my parent's place for the night so I could concentrate on labour. By the time he came with all of Eli's things I was having contractions often and wanted to get home and comfy so I could progress more at home. We headed to our house and I laid on the couch while Jetty packed the car with our things for the hospital. We got home shortly before 8pm but by 9pm I started to think we should head to the hospital. 

Getting to our front door and then from the car to the hospital labour and delivery room took a long time. Each step made contractions come on stronger. When we finally got to the floor to check in I was so desperate that I would be at least 5cm dialated and I was overjoyed when she said that was exactly how far along I was. I was admitted and headed to the same room Elias was born in to continue labour. 

At this point it was after 9:30pm and I realized I might actually have this little one on the due date unless things moved along really quickly. The contractions were strong but I was concentrating on relaxing through each one and was feeling good about powering through until we met our little baby. 

For this birth again my water didn't break and after refusing several times I finally asked for my water to be broken after 11pm. I was ready to speed things along! After that labour really started getting intense and by 11:30pm I was not able to relax through each contraction. I lost my concentration and was grabbing Jetty's arms and pulling myself up with the peak of each contraction. By midnight I was ready to push and so grateful. This was the part I loved during Elias' birth. This time though I did not ease into it. With the first push I was certain I wouldn't be able to do this. I remember looking at the nurse with panic. But after the next push the head was out and after that I pushed his little body out quickly. The time of birth was 12:10am on his due date! He came into the world so fast that his face was bruised for a few days.

There were so many emotions after he was here; relief, joy, peace. I was so excited for a little brother for Elias and the perfect little addition to our family.

Introducing Henry Oscar Thompson

On March 7th (his due date) at 12:10am we excitedly welcomed to the world our second son Henry Oscar. He weighed 8lbs 2ozs and was 21inches long. I'm excited to share his birth story soon but for now here are just a few pictures of his first moments and days with us. We are so blessed to have another happy and healthy son! 

His face was all bruised from coming into the world so quickly!

Celebrating my Little Sis and Her Future Hubby

This past weekend we had a small shower for my little sister. It was so wonderful and special to celebrate her upcoming wedding with some of her best friends. I can't believe she will be a married woman so soon! I couldn't be more excited for her and her wonderful fiance Mike!

We had a little afternoon tea party and I tried to keep things simple but elegant. I was working on this 8 months pregnant after all!

Some hot tea and I also made iced tea by steeping it and then adding lemonade concentrate. (Yum!)

Thankfully Valentine's Day being the day before helped with finding cute "lovey" finger foods to put out!

We played some games and had little prizes. My favourite game was one where I interviewed the groom on video and Erica had to guess his answer to the questions. Everyone else had to guess if she would get them right. It was fun to have Mike's face at our party!

With the help of my mom I made a little love banner to help decorate the space. 

Small party favours with tea lights, some tea and a few chocolates.

Isn't my little sis just gorgeous?

... Oh and her lovely friends too! All so stunning!

Sister love!

71 days and counting Erica! You are going to make the most beautiful bride!!!

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Plush Alphabet Letters with Magnets

So a while ago I pinned the following project and was so excited to make these plush alphabet letters with magnets one day. Finally right before Christmas I finished these up for Elias' gift!

You can find the tutorial here.

And here are mine! I used only fabric I had on hand so there are lots of flowery fabrics, but I think it's a nice mix!

They aren't perfect, but I love the little imperfections and Elias is enjoying them too!

Have you tried any project like this? How did they turn out? 


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